A twist on the traditional

At Twist Your Spirits we believe any hour can be a HAPPY Hour.

Your 5 o’clock is personal. 5 o’clock can be anytime of the day or night and is about being together.
Whether it's been a hard day, or you just want to catch up with your nearest and dearest,
it should be a happy hour.

We don't cut corners or skimp on taste. Anyone can entertain beautifully and
enjoy themselves (read: be happy!) as long as they have the right tools and guidance.

So...What's your 5 o'clock?

" I was really bowled over by the concept and the concoctions were actually out of this world. "
— Zainib, Virginia

Who we are.

In 2015, three friends who love to cook, drink, and entertain decided that happy hour
(what we lovingly refer to as ‘5 o’clock’) should always be just that. Happy. At any hour.